Le Chat Noir Wines and Spirits
About Us

Le Chat Noir Wines and Spirits is located at 151 Tulip Avenue in beautiful Floral Park, NY. We specialize in customer service, product selection, and expert advice. If you are tired of looking at the same old wines and/or being ignored at the discount stores, come give us a try....you won't be disappointed.

If you were wondering why we used "Le Chat Noir" as the name of our wine store, let us give you a brief history of the name:  Le Chat Noir was a 19th Century cabaret in the bohemian, Montmartre section of Paris.  It was a place that artists, musicians, actors, poets, and every day folks gathered for a good time.  While our focus is wines and spirits sales...we hope to create a community building atmosphere in which people will drop by to share news, try new products, and meet friends.